Foot Angel Reviews: Does it Work? (Nov. 2015 Update)

Foot Angel Reviews: Does it Work? (Nov. 2015 Update)

Review of Foot Angel, a “compression foot sleeve” which is advertised as a way to relief achy heels and feet.

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About Foot Angel

Foot Angel is a compression foot sleeve which is said to relieve a host of foot-related ailments. It is described as thin, comfortable, and discreet. Ailments said to be aided by the product are arch pain, plantar fascia, heel spurs, and other foot-related problems. The television commercial states that the sleeve has a “7 zone design” with three levels of compression.

The official website is, which was registered in May 2014.

The product comes in white or black and in two sizes: small/medium or large/extra large.

How Much Does Foot Angel Cost?

You can purchase Foot Angel from the official website for $12.99 plus $6.99 shipping. There is a buy one, get one offer which includes another Foot Angel for an additional $6.99 shipping. Be aware that some customers have been confused by the online ordering process and ended up ordering more than they wanted.

Also keep in mind that you are not buying a pair of Foot Angels, as some customers expected. You are purchasing one sleeve, not one pair.

Foot Angel can now be found in stores from around $13-$15, as seen in the photo below, where it was on sale for $14.99 at an As Seen on TV store in Las Vegas.

foot angel

Foot Angel Reviews

Foot Angel is one of many compression and pain relief garments to hit the market in recent years. We’ve seen Miracle Copper Socks, and CopperWear, Tommie Copper, and Ankle Genie – to name a few. Foot Angel supposedly eases pain in the heel and foot areas, and appears to be targeted toward the elderly in its advertising. Although it is described as a “revolutionary foot sleeve,” it isn’t apparent what advantage this product has over standard compression socks. Indeed, the reviewer who tried the product for us compared it to less expensive compression socks, both in feel and in results. That said, the product was reported to bring some positive results. Our reviewer felt that the size seemed slightly smaller or tighter than expected.

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Other review sites with aggregate user ratings tend to give Foot Angel poor ratings, which is unfairly skewed by those who rated the product solely on the shipping and billing process. While this cannot be ignored, the product’s wide availability in stores by 2015 should alleviate this problem. When judged solely on its merits, Foot Angel does a moderately satisfactory job, although its price is higher than competing products.

Similar Products

As Seen on TV has been cluttered with foot-related products in recent years. Foot Angel is reminiscent of other recently-advertised products such as Zip Sox and Ankle Genie. Both of these products have seen television advertising campaigns extolling their virtues, which are said to alleviate foot, ankle, and heel pain.

Besides As Seen on TV competitors, you can also look for a good pair of compression socks at department stores and shoe stores. These will also bring moderate relief to many of the ailments listed by Foot Angel, and the cost will likely be lower.

Bottom Line

Foot Angel is a foot compression sleeve designed at relieving a variety of foot, ankle, and heel ailments. While some customers have focused on confusing and slow shipping/billing, the product itself seems to work about as well as a pair of standard compression socks. You can now find Foot Angel in stores, and this is the recommended way to obtain the product. It may be worthwhile to consider other compression socks as you shop around.

Your Foot Angel Reviews

Have you used Foot Angel? What did you think of the product?


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