My Snoring Solution Review: Does it Work?

My Snoring Solution Review: Does it Work?

My Snoring Solution is a device which is said to prevent snoring and improve quality of sleep.

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What is My Snoring Solution

This product is a chin strap which is designed to support your jaw and keep your airway unrestricted. The advertisement we received took us to, although we found a similar websites at and (plural), which appear to be exact copies of the same website. One or more of these could be affiliate sites. and mysnoringsolutions were both created back in 2007. was created on December 10, 2012


We received an email for this product from “Snoring Tips” with a subject that read “Sleep Better, Live Better!” It contained general info about sleep apnea and snoring. Clicking the link took us to As of 2015, appears to be the preferred domain.


The website offers a buy 1 get 1 free offer for $119.97, though an annoying popup will eventually offer you one for $79.97, plus shipping and handling. There are three sizes: small (up to 120 pounds), medium (120-240 pounds), and large (240 pounds and up). Standard shipping is $9.97.

It appears to only be available through the website. We didn’t spot this exact product on retailers such as Amazon.

Competing Products

The $80 price tag is considerably higher than some competing jaw supporters found online. A cursory search of Amazon yielded several similar anti-snoring chin straps, most of which were far less expensive, ranging in price from $12 to $20.

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Does it Work?

Satisfaction with chin straps such as these will vary widely, influenced by sleep habits and anatomy. Some claim that it helps as advertised, while others have stated that it simply didn’t work for them. Chin straps such as My Snoring Solution do seem to help some people, but not everyone. Some users have complained of a restrictive or claustrophobic sensation while wearing the strap.

At, the writer there concludes that this product “is not the answer” for your snoring needs.

My Snoring Solution currently holds an “F” rating with the BBB.

It is the opinion here that My Snoring Solution is not superior to a high-quality anti-snoring mouthpiece, although it could deliver some benefit to certain individuals.

Screen shots

Here are a few screen shots for the website selling My Snoring Solution back in 2013. As of 2015, we can see no discernible difference in the website:

This is the splash page for My Snoring Solution.

This is the splash page for My Snoring Solution.

Eventually this annoying pop-up will offer you one for $79.97.

Eventually this annoying pop-up will offer you one for $79.97.

Another page for My Snoring Solution.

Another page for My Snoring Solution.

Bottom Line

My Snoring Solution may work for some people, but these products aren’t for everyone. This is also one of the more expensive chin straps we’ve encountered in this category. It is no substitute for a high-quality anti-snoring mouthpiece.

Your Turn

Have you purchased or used My Snoring Solution? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Updated December 15, 2015
Originally published April 2013


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