Eggtastic Review: Does it Work?

Eggtastic Review: Does it Work?

Eggtastic is a ceramic microwave egg cooker advertised on television by spokesman Marc Gill.

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About Eggtastic

Eggtastic (sometimes stylized as “Egg-Tastic”) is an As Seen on TV microwave egg cooker pitched by Marc Gill. There were originally two active websites promoting the product,, and Those domains were registered in October 2014 and March 2015 respectively. The first of those websites now forwards to an As Seen on TV online store, while the second is parked.

Below is a screenshot of the product website, taken in August 2015.

eggtastic website

How much does Eggtastic cost?

Online: Although the websites are no longer online, you can still purchase Eggtastic on Amazon for about $7-$8.

In stores: You can still find Eggtastic in stores such as Walmart or Fry’s for about $10. You may even find it in clearance aisles or discount stores for less.

Eggtastic Reviews

You can prepare up to 4 eggs in this ceramic microwave egg cooker called Egg-Tastic. Offering a vented lid and portable design, it is said to be non-stick and no-slip. But does it work?

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We put Eggtastic to the test and found that it performed pretty much as expected – with a few areas worth mentioning. Eggs prepared in the unit have an acceptable texture, although overcooking can easily lead to rubbery eggs. For someone on the go, it is certainly much faster than pulling out pans, nonstick spray, a whisk, and spatula. It may not be quite as tasty as eggs prepared the old fashioned way, but for the non-cooking types – especially in a hurry – this is an option worth considering.

Keep in mind that the 4-egg limit will be reduced if you plan to include other ingredients. Overfilling beyond the fill line will result in spillage and a messy microwave.

While you can prepare several eggs in a minute or two, in many cases, we found that the bottom ended up runny, which was easily alleviated by turning the eggs over and cooking for an additional 15-20 seconds.

Eggtastic’s biggest con is probably that it needs to be handled with oven mitts. The fact that it gets so hot somewhat defeats the portability feature highly touted in the advertising. It has a slick texture, and using smooth oven mitts while handling it does not feel secure. Another potential problem is cleaning, as residue tends to get stuck to the bottom. This can be alleviated by using a little nonstick spray before you begin.

Without toppings, you can cook 1-4 eggs, which will take 1-2 minutes, depending on microwave wattage.

This isn’t the first time we’ve evaluated such a product. The Stonewave Microwave Cooker, which Marc Gill also pitched back in 2013, sported a similar design and claims. That product had a cool handle, but only held up to two eggs. You may be interested in the Eggtastic vs Stone Wave video below.

Overall, we feel there is a place for Eggtastic for those who like to eat eggs but don’t have the time (or desire) to cook.

Bottom Line

Eggtastic is a ceramic microwave egg cooker that can cook 1-4 eggs in under 2 minutes. Most people should find that it works in an acceptable manner, although the texture probably isn’t quite as good as fluffy eggs made the old fashioned way.

Your Eggtastic Reviews

Have you used Eggtastic? Let us hear your opinion in the comments below.

Revised February 2017.


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